the smart crib for the comfort of the youngest

iCrib is a smart crib designed in partnership with an important italian company of the childhood sector, to guarantee comfort for the youngest and serenity for parents.
The crib is equipped with different technological components:

  • Sensors to monitor the child’s comfort conditions
  • Environmental sensors
  • Touch screen to interact with the house domotic systems
  • Interactive system to facilitate the baby’s sleep
  • Connectivity to interact with the crib using a mobile app

Technology at the service of the child

iCrib aims at making the domestic environments able to adapt to the needs of the children in the so-called tender age, that is to say aged between 0 and three years, in which his/her expressive and motor capacities don’t allow him yet to correctly communicate his comfort and wellness needs.
The system is addressed at supporting the parents in their choices on the most appropriate actions to be performed to guarantee the best comfort conditions of the child and to safeguard his health and wellness such as regulating the room lights and temperature, interacting with entertainment systems in the most suitable moments of the day etc.

Why is itSmart”?

There are sensors in the crib to measure the child’s physiological parameters and the environmental conditions, to evaluate the wellness and comfort of the baby.

Environmental data:

  • Room temperature
  • Level of lighting
  • Humidity
  • Presence of people in the room
  • Air quality

Body parameters:

  • Body temperature
  • Movement
  • Quality of sleep
  • Cry detection

The touch screen in the crib and the mobile app will allow the parents to manage the home automation systems present in the house and to view the data acquired by the sensor any time.
The system will “learn” from the parents’ behaviour to carry out actions aiming at safeguard the baby’s comfort and wellness and to manage the home automation and environment interaction systems.

Product strength

Innovation for everyone

iCrib allows the children to “communicate” with the environment through new ways of interaction and to acquire new expressive capacities.

Simple comfort management

Parents will be assisted by the system in the choice of the best actions to guarantee the baby’s comfort.

Serenity for the parents

Parents will be able to view in any moment the conditions of the child and the room, in case they temporarily get away.

Artificial Intelligence

As the system is used, it will learn to emulate the behaviour of the parents in certain circumstances.