the wearable ECG

MC CardioMonitor is a proprietary medical device realized by MediaClinics which allows the continuous acquisition of the electrocardiographic trace for long periods.
MediaClinics developed the sensor with a view to provide new middle and long period cardiac monitoring services.
The use of the device is particularly appropriate to monitor subjects at cardiovascular risk and who need early detection and secondary prevention measures:

  • Elderly and hypertensive patients
  • People who already suffered from heart attacks
  • People undergoing heart surgery (e.g. ablation)

Lightweight, compact but featuring very high performances and signal quality

MC CardioMonitor allows the detection of cardiac activity for medium and long periods in total comfort.
The device is lightweight and small in
size (approximately 55 mm x 35 mm x 12 mm) and is applied using a stretchy hypoallergenic band. Data are stored locally, therefore there is no need for other devices during the ECG trace acquisition.
The device uses WiFi and Bluetooth connection and allows the variable signal sampling from 125 to 1.000 Hz.

MC CardioMonitor’s strengths

Heart always under control

The high quality of the signal makes it the ideal device for prevention of cardiac pathologies which need constant monitoring

High wearability

The small dimensions of the device and the hypoallergenic band make it very comfortable and highly less-invasive

Reliable and economical

Our product aims to reduce the expenses to be borne by the National Healthcare System through policies of low-cost prevention, accessible to all citizen

Less waiting, less expenses

MC CardioMonitor’s versatility meets the citizens’ needs of new early detection services and reduction for prevention and screening visits

Data always available

The continuous monitoring allows to consult historic data on the patient’s cardiac activity and to compare the data in case of altered conditions