Funding institution: Regione Lombardia

Duration: 24 months, from 30/11/2019 to 30/11/2021

Wearables • Smart Garments • Social and environmental sustainability • Healthy lifestyles
Quality of life improvement • Health safeguard and prevention

The mission of Wearables:
EveryOne, EveryWhere, EveryTime

DailyST – Smart Textile as a DailyRoutine is a project whose objective is the design and production of smart garments and accessories, equipped with sensors, circuitery, and external connection. These wearable must result useful in the  daily life of a large group of the population, with a specific focus on the weaker ones, and, at the same time, be expression of environment sustainability in every phase of the production line: from the selection of the materials, to the production processes, to the cycle of consumption and the end of the product’s life.

The technological progress is making increasingly feasible the massive use of the garment as a platform able to integrate imperceptible and invisible sensor technology, at the user’s service in a logic of non-invasiveness.

The value chain of DailyST

DailyST puts forward a totally human-centered design approach: it starts from listening to the people’s needs, thanks to the experience of HMB/Shifton; it develops and takes shape through the historical and established know-how of Comftech S.r.l. in the production of smart textiles; it finds its completion in the creation of a system of data monitoring and management of the product’s end of life through MediaClinics’ competences in the development of mobile and Web software.

Project’s objectives

The project’s main objective is the establishment of a partnership between companies from Lombardy with different backgrounds, which makes the  sustainability – understood as social, technological and environmental sustainability – a real trademark.

More specifically, three use cases are faced for the development of Fashiontech wearable systems in the two years of the project:

  • Homecare for elderly (safety, rehabilitation, outdoor geolocation);
  • Post-mastectomy and other oncological surgery follow-up for Women (sport, physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing, community);
  • Child and adolescent obesity (physical activity, emotional state monitoring, psychological support, gamification).

The final result is a collection of smart-textile systems, composed by garments and coordinated accessories, which integrate different technological components for different scenarios: sensors for physiological parameters monitoring, actuators, boards for tactile and visual activation.

The smart-textile systems are designed to reach the market at prices which result accessible for the widest possible consumers population, with a special attention for social inclusiveness and sustainability.

Each system will be composed by:

  • A smart garment or accessory, equipped with sensors and textile circuitery;
  • An extractable electronic device for data recording and transmission;
  • A Cloud platform for data elaboration and storage;
  • A mobile app for real-time data display.