Giallo for safety

Technology at the service of safety

GIALLO for Safety is a platform developed by MediaClinics aimed at safeguarding the safety of company workers who operate in enclosed or isolated locations.
Our solution is based on wearable sensors, which measure body and environmental parameters such as ECG trace, breath rate, movement and temperature.

GIALLO for Safety is a spin-off and and extension of GIALLO (Gestionale Impianti, Attività Lavorative, Luoghi Operativi), a platform realized by MediaClinics and addressed to the companies which provide integrated water service, to manage security and safety processes and automatically generate the Document for risk assessment, which is mandatory for each worksite (→ visit the website).

More safety during solo activities

GIALLO for Safety is specifically addressed to operators responsible for maintenance and recognition activities and who often need to carry out solo activities in enclosed and/or isolated locations. These activities obviously involve risks resulting from the difficulties to provide assistance in time in case of sudden illnesses or accidents: in these scenarios, knowing in real time the exact location and the conditions of the worker can make the difference.

Monitoring of the worker’s conditions

The sensors integrated in the t-shirt send the data to the Cloud in real time through the smartphone at the operator’s disposal. The control room and the staff responsible for assistance and support management can therefore receive updated informations on the conditions of the worker.
The data received by the control room are the following:

  • GPS
  • Body parameters:
    • ECG trace
    • Breath rate
    • Body temperature
  • Accelerometer, used to detect falls and as man-down sensor
  • Environment temperature

The technologies of

GIALLO for Safety

A sensorized t-shirt, to measure the following parameters:

  • ECG trace
  • Breath rate
  • Body Temperature
  • Man-down sensor
  • Environment temperature

A smartphone at the operators’ disposal with a pre-installed application

A web pp for the visualization and the management of the acquired data

A Cloud platform for data communication and storage


Safety tutelage

A solution to guarantee the safeguard of health and safety of workers who carry out solo activities in isolated locations

Real time detailed information

The control room can visualize data from sensors, GPS and possible alerts sent by operators

Integration with GIALLO

The platform can be easily integrated with our service GIALLO, for safety management and generation of the Document for risk assessment