HCM, the Homecare 4.0 solution

HCM – Home Care Management is a platform to manage homecare operators and improve their activities with the patients.
The platform offers the following features:

  • Optimized management of a high number of operators and patients, divided by geographical areas
  • Monitoring and verification of the activities carried out by the personnel and the caregivers
  • Integration environment and patients’ conditions monitoring systems
  • Acquisition and generation of statistics and useful accounting data

Management of healthcare operators and optimization of workflows

HCM is a service addressed to public and private homecare assistance structures, aimed at monitoring the operators’ activities to improve the care quality, digitize the processes and certify the interventions carried out by the healthcare staff.
HCM also integrates a patients remote monitoring service.

Contextualized checklist to improve the care quality

Through the mobile app, operators and caregivers who carry out home care activities, will be able to fill checklists to register informations about the patient’s conditions and their own activities.
The system is context-based, which means the checklists are customized according to the patient and contextually generated by tapping with the smartphone on a NFC, which univocally identifies the patient. Filling the checklists allows the user to send information on:

  • Patients’ health conditions: mental capacity, physical self-sufficiency, level of hygiene, body temperature, biometrical parameters
  • Environmental factors, such as temperature, humidity, lighting level, presence of relatives or caregivers, level of cleanliness
  • Activities carried out by the operator: changing of the linens, parameters detection, support in feeding and taking medicines

Filled checklist are immediately sent to the coordination center, and allow the generation of point data on the patient’s health condition and aggregate data on the quality of the services provided by the operators.

A complete platform to speed the activities

Hardware components:

  • A smartphone with a pre-installed app to read the NFC tag and fill the checklists
  • An NFC tag, univocally associated with a patient
  • A set of sensors to monitor the conditions of the environment where the patient lives (temperature, light, presence of relatives or caregivers, hygiene)

In future releases, the platform will see the implementation of wearable sensors to obtain an objective measure of the health conditions of the patient.

Software components:

  • A safe Cloud platform, for data communication and saving, compliant with the new european standards on sensitive data management (GDPR)
  • A web portal, to monitor the health conditions of the patients and the activities and tasks of the operators


Activities and interventions monitoring

HCM allows real-time verification and monitoring of the interventions and activities carried out by operators.

Body and environment parameters

HCM offers a full picture of the patient’s conditions, thanks to the detection and comparison of both body and environment parameters.

Safe data management and storage

Acquired data will be managed by a safe Cloud, compliant with the new GDPR european legislation on data processing.