Mobile Medical Monitoring

Funding institution: co-financed by Regione Lombardia - #13737486

Duration: 24 months + 6, from 2/8/2010 to 31/1/2013

Remote monitoring • Wearable • PHR • eHealth • Prevention

M3 - Mobile Medical Monitoring

The M3 – Mobile Medical Monitoring project, of which MediaClinics can be considered a spin-off, has been co-financed by Regione Lombardia under the Regional Operative Programme 2007-2013.

The project aimed at the development of technological solutions to be applied in the healthcare and prevention sectors, allowing the realisation of new healthcare and consumer services based on a preventive approach and on the promotion of healthy and balanced lifestyles.

Body parameters and lifestyles evaluation

These objectives have been achieved through the development of an IT platform featuring:

  • Body parameters and lifestyles analysis using wearable medical devices

  • Promotion of healthy lifestyles

The platform offers to the user the possibility to obtain two specific evaluations:

  • Biomechanical evaluation: Cinematic analysis of movements, motor control, posture, muscle strength and electrical activity

  • Biometrical and physiological evaluation: Physiological parameters monitoring: ECG trace, oximetry, blood pressure, lactate levels

The platform offers to the user an outdoor configuration for the autonomous use and an indoor one for the administration with the assistance of a healthcare operator.