Sport Biometrics

Funding institution: Regione Lombardia

Duration: 18 months, from 01/05/2015 to 30/10/2016

Wearable • Sport • New technologies • GDPR • Patent

improve your sport performances!

MC Sport Biometrics is a research project intended to develop new technologies to monitor and improve the user’s sport performances. In particular, the project is addressed to tennis players of any level, and aims to provide a new tool for the execution of the exact movement required for the tennis serve.

Sport Biometrics represents an unique, innovative solution able to provide the user with:

  • Objective data on the movement executed (positions, accelerations, oscillations)
  • An immediate comparison with professional athletes’ performances
  • A safe Cloud for data storage and keeping track of the progresses

Vision of the project

It is critical, to begin a real path to improvement in any sport discipline, to have an exact perception of our movements. This is especially true for certain sports in which is necessary to perform an exact movement (such as the paddle in rowing, the swing in golf, the serve in tennis).

Through the realization of the Sport Biometrics project, MediaClinics wants to develop a service which, exploiting the latest technologies, provides the users with a tool to evaluate their performances and the correctness of their movements in a quick, clear and objective way.

Integrated technologies for a new service

MC Sport Biometrics involves the analysis, the development and the integration of different technologies for the supply of an innovative self-training service addressed at the tennis players and provided via sport centers:

  • Proprietary wearable accelerometer and pedometer, MC Activity Tracker, for the analysis of the technical gesture, the accelerations and the body positions during the execution of the gesture
  • HFR camera to record in slow-motion the movements of the user during the serve
  • Speed meter to measure the speed of the hit ball
  • Mobile app for data display and the direct comparison with A-class players
  • Univocal time-code and  proprietary data analysis algorithm
  • Safe, GDPR-compliant Cloud service for data storage

The solution developed under the MC Sport Biometrics is protected by a patent for Industrial Invention granted by the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (application n.  102016000033233). Another application has also been submitted to the European Patent Organisation (application n. 17164050.1) and is currently under evaluation.