MC solution for company welfare

Wellbeing for Workers is an innovative solution for companies that want to improve the quality of life of their workers providing them with health and prevention benefits.
In particular, our solution allows the workers to periodically monitor their health conditions through the use of sensors to measure some physiological parameters and the access to a motivational platform.
All the data collected will only be accessible to the worker, who will also be able to download the measurements and share them with his/her own doctor, or his/her family.

Employees’ wellness for the company wellness

Wellbeing for Workers is conceived to enable new prevention models in the company contexts. MediaClinics provides the companies with a turnkey solution that allows the supply of a welfare service which includes advantages for both the employees and companies, establishing a typical win-win situation such as this:

  • Workers can make use of a new medical prevention tool to check their health status
  • Companies contribute to the conservation of its employees’ health conditions, which, as proven by many studies, have clear consequences on their work quality
  • Companies that commit in corporate welfare programs get access to many subsidies and fiscal advantages
  • The solution involves an enhancement of the business climate and increases the workers’ loyalty and engagement in terms of retention and employer branding

An interactive totem for the employees’ health

The core component of Wellbeing for Workers is an interactive totem, connected to many sensors, such as:

  • Scale
  • Thermometer
  • Pulse oxymeter
  • Sphygmomanometer
  • ECG sensor

The totem is placed in a location easily accessible to the workers, such as a relax area. The employees access the totem using their Service Charter or their company badge.
The totem will guide the worker in the process, suggesting which sensors to use and which measurements to take.
Finally all measurements are safely stored in the web portal of company wellness, where the workers can view them and get more information on his/her health conditions.


Health safeguard

Our solution offers a simple instrument to the employees to monitor their health conditions, which involves the side effect to reduce sick leaves

Enhanced business climate

The supply of health safeguard services improves your team’s performances, strengthens the sense of belonging and generally enhance the working environment

Win-Win Situation

A healthier team works harder and better! Wellbeing for Workers gives you the possibility to develop welfare policies and to significantly reduce turnover and sick days