What is it?

CardioPharma aims to provide a prevention and early detection service for heart conditions to pharmacies’ customers.

Here are the innovative features of our service:

  • 24 hours ECG monitoring using a brand new low-cost, easy to use wearable sensor which features minimum invasiveness
  • Automatic ECG analysis, using a data processing software under the procedure of certification, to detect any specific anomalies. The software is the result of twenty-year research activities in Europe and in North America
  • Control and validation of the automatic analysis results performed by a Cardiologist
  • Evaluation report, filled by the Cardiologist, with health indications and instructions on possibly needed further in-depth analyses


The technologies composing the platform are the following:

  • A tablet with a pre-installed mobile app, to be used by the pharmacists
  • A Web Portal, to be used by the Cardiologists for evaluation and validation of the automatica analyses’ results
  • MC CardioMonitor, a low-invasiveness wearable sensor for heart activity monitoring
  • A safe Cloud service, for data communication and storage, compliant with privacy and safety standards on patients’ sensitive information (GDPR)

How does it work?

The Patient signs up to the service at his/her usual pharmacy and receives the MC CardioMonitor sensor, to be weared for 24 hours. The acquired ECG is sent to the Cloud Platform to be analysed by the processing data software, which detects and signals any anomaly in the ECG tracing. The system transmits the results of the analysis are sent for a final validation to a Cardiologist, who examines the anomalies and possible arrhythmias detected. The doctor fills an evaluation report with his/her comments and instructions for possibly needed further analyses and/or adoption of healthier lifestyles.


Privacy & Security

Data storage is managed by a secure Cloud service, compliant with the latest privacy and security standard about patients’ sensitive data (EU GDPR).


The service, using pharmacies network and planning to involve many Cardiologists, allows the simultaneous management of numerous users for each pharmacy.

Proprietary Algorithm

The automatic analysis software automatically detects and highlights any anomalies in the patient’s ECG tracing, using a proprietary data processing algorithm.  


Our service’s features result in a significant reduction of patients’ waiting times for a early-detection examination to obtain an overview on their heart’s activity.

Simple Data Display

CardioPharma provides to the Cardiologist a simple yet complete interface and a detailed display of all relevant information acquired during the monitoring sessions.

Detailed Infographics

On the other hand, it will allow statistics generation about the service’s use rate, its customers, the clients for each pharmacy, the incidence of heart conditions in certain areas etc.