The tool for the enhancement of the sport gesture

MC Activity Tracker is a sensorized bracelet developed by MediaClinics to monitor physical activity and technical sport gesture. It is able to detect movements and accelerations on nine axes, and to recognize the type of activity carried out using machine learning algorithms embedded in the device.
MediaClinics used the bracelet in the development of projects for physical activity monitoring and enhancement of technical sport gesture, such as the tennis serve and the golf swing.

Not a gadget, but a real measurement instrument

MC Activity Tracker is not a simple smart bracelet, as the ones sold in sporting goods stores: it uses complex algorithms based on neural networks to recognize the user’s type of movement and adapt to his/her style.
Connected to a mobile app, the device can guide the user to the improvement of the sport technical gesture.
It has also been used to acquire data related to the physical activity of patients and subjects involved in clinical experimentations.
The precision of the system allowed to obtain reliable measures and objective indicators on the physical activity actually carried out.


Better performances

MC Activity Tracker guarantees a precise and reliable measure of the sport technical gesture

Activity detection

Thanks to the use of neural networks, the device is able to recognize the type of activity carried out by the user.

Accessible solution

Our Activity Tracker guarantees to the user professional reliability at an affordable price.

Long lasting battery

The device’s battery has an autonomy of up to a week, and can easily be charged using its USB cable.